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Odell Brown
Paul Bryant
Henry Cain
Gloria Coleman
Butch Cornell
Charles Earland
Caesar Frazier
Billy Gardner
Richard "Groove" Holmes
Charles Kynard
Sam Lazar
Jack McDuff
Jimmy McGriff
Don Patterson
John Patton
Sonny Phillips
Bobby Pierce
Trudy Pitts
Ken Prince
Freddie Roach
Melvin Rhyne
Shirley Scott
Jimmy Smith
Johnny "Hammond" Smith
Lonnie Smith
Leon Spencer Jr.
Baby Face Willette
Reuben Wilson

Wayne Boyd
Ray Crawford
Lloyd Davis
Eddie Diehl
Morris Dow
Ted Dunbar
Gene Edwards
George Eskridge
Larry Frazier
George Freeman
Grant Green
Boogaloo Joe Jones
Calvin Keys
O'Donel Levy
Wilbert Longmire
Eddie McFadden
Pat Martino
Maynard Parker
Jimmy Ponder
Roland Prince
Wally Richardson
Malcolm Riddick
Thornel Schwartz
Melvin Sparks
Quentin Warren
Eddie Wright

Marion Booker, Jr
Ben Dixon
Joe Dukes
Otis Finch
Eddie Gladden
Joe Hadrick (Yusef Ali)
Billy James
Alvin Johnson
Frankie Jones
Jimmy Lovelace
Ray Lucas
Milt Turner
Hugh Walker
William Bivens Jr.
Johnny Lytle
Freddie McCoy
Lem Winchester
Rusty Bryant
Ramon Morris
David "Fathead" Newman
Harold Vick

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... a collection of discographies of jazz musicians who performed soul jazz, organ-based jazz, or similar music in the late 1950's, 1960's and early 1970's. Each discography lists releases that include recordings by that musician. Track lists and musician details are available for each release.

Discographies of record labels and series of compilations that include soul jazz, organ based jazz and other type of jazz from this time period can be found using the links at the top of the page.

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(Strictly speaking this site is a collection of album lists rather than discographies. The focus is on items that can, or could, be bought. There is a wealth of more detailed printed and online jazz discography elsewhere produced by many scholarly and thorough experts. This site is something much simpler!)

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