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Lonnie Smith

Initial release : 1996/2002


A compilation of Lonnie Smith tracks that utilises the name and, in one editions case, the cover art of the original Afro-Desia LP. Only two tracks are taken from the original album.


  • Apex (Smith)
  • Flavors (Smith)
  • Afrodesia (Smith)
  • Good Morning (Smith)
  • It's Changed (Hohenberger)
  • When the Night Is Right (Hohenberger)
  • All in My Mind (Smith)

Musicians include;

  • Lonnie Smith - keyboards
  • Greg Hopkins - trumpet
  • Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
  • George Benson - guitar
  • Ralph Armstrong - bass
  • Ron Carter - bass
  • Bob Cranshaw - bass
  • Ben Riley - drums
  • Jamey Huddad - drums
  • Alan Schwartzberg - drums
Related releases

This compilation was subsequently included on the 3 CD set;

  • Funky Jazz Organ, Lonnie Smith / Richard "Groove" Holmes / Jimmy McGriff, 2005
Afrodesia and Flavors (aka Favors) were originally released on;
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