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Jazzlists ... 1950's to 2020's jazz discographies

Welcome to Jazzlists... ... a collection of discographies of record labels and musicians covering the period from the 1950's through to the 2020's. Each discography list comprises albums released on a specific label or albums that include a particular musician. Track lists and musician details are given for the majority of albums.

Jazzlists is updated periodically, sometimes monthly, sometimes annually, sometimes longer than that. Some of the recent additions are listed below.

The main musician, label and compilation pages provide full lists of what is available on Jazzlists. The mini-lists to the right are provided as an example of the musicians and labels covered on the site.

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Joyous Shout
Dancing Wayang
Palo Alto
Auricle Records

Leo (UK)
Jaro Records
TUM Records

Pharoah Sanders
Paul Bley
Randy Weston
Andrew Hill
Jimmy Garrison

WHO Trio
Harold Mabern

Selected musician list
    --- See full musician list ---

  George Adams
  Geri Allen
  Jon Balke
  Ran Blake
  Lester Bowie
  Marion Brown
  George Cables
  Gloria Coleman
  Steve Coleman
  Stanley Cowell
  Kenny Dorham
  Booker Ervin
  Chico Freeman
  Curtis Fuller
  Jan Garbarek
  Harold Mabern
  Hampton Hawes
  Steve Lacy
  Harold Land
  Hank Mobley
  Grachan Moncur III
  David Murray
  Greg Osby
  Evan Parker
  Horace Parlan
  Sam Rivers
  Sonny Rollins
  Wadada Leo Smith
  Craig Taborn
  John Taylor
  Bobby Timmons
  Charles Tolliver
  Cedar Walton
  Carlos Ward
  Richard Wyands

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Selected label list
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  1750 Arch Records
  A&M Horizon
  Argo/Cadet 600/700/800
  Arista Freedom 1000 series
  Black Jazz
  Black Saint
  Blue Note 1500 series
  Calig Records
  Debut Records
  ECM main series
  Fantasy 9400/9500/9600 series
  FMP: FMP series
  Free Elephant
  Free Lance Records
  Hat Hut: HatART LPs
  Impulse main 100/9000 series
  Leo (Finland)
  Leo (UK)
  Milestone 47000 series
  Odin Records
  Ogun Records
  Pi Recordings
  Prestige 7000 series
  psi Records
  Riverside 200/300/400 series
  Rune Grammofon
  Steam Records
  Steeplechase 1000 series
  Taurus (Norway)
  Uptown Records
  WATT (and XtraWATT)

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Last updated March 2023