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A&M/CTI 3000 series discography
A&M Horizon discography
Muhal Richard Abrams discography
Acid Jazz compilations
George Adams discography
Air discography
Album covers: books
Yusef Ali discography
Americans In Europe (Impulse!)
Antilles 1000 series discography
Argo/Cadet label discography
Arista Freedom 1000 series discography
Arista Freedom 1900 series discography
Arista Novus discography
Artists House discography
Atlantic 1400 series
Atlantic 1500 series
Atlantic 1600 series
Atlantic 2-300 series
Atlantic 3000 series
Atlantic 8800 series
Atlantic compilations: Anthology: The Atlantic Years
Atlantic compilations: Anthologies (Rhino 1993/1994)
Atlantic compilations: Best Of (Atlantic 1970-71)
Atlantic compilations: Classics
Atlantic compilations: Jazz Super Hits (1969/70)
Atlantic Jazz compilations: decades
Atlantic Jazz compilations: genres
Atlantic Jazz compilations: instruments
Atlas label, LA27 series discography

Baystate Records discography
Bee Hive Records discography
Bethlehem BCP 1 - 92 series discography
William Bivens discography
Black Jazz discography
Black Saint partial discography
Bleu Regard discography
Blue Note 4000 series LPs
Blue Note Classics
Blue Note compilations: 50th Anniversary Collection
Blue Note compilations: The Art Of ...
Blue Note compilations: Artist Selects
Blue Note compilations: Blue Brazil
Blue Note compilations: Blue Break Beats
Blue Note compilations: Blue Breakbeats
Blue Note compilations: Blue Juice
Blue Note compilations: Blue Notables
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Blend
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Explosion
Blue Note compilations: Groovexperience
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Jazz Inspiration
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Jazz Profiles
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Plays (1996-1999)
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Plays (2004-2006)
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note's Sidetracks
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note/Tower Records
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Trip
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Years (single artist)
Blue Note compilations: Blue Note Years (various artist)
Blue Note compilations: Deep And Phunky
Blue Note compilations: Finest In Jazz
Blue Note compilations: Retrospective box sets
Blue Note Jazz Classics Series
Blue Note LA series
Blue Note Reissues Series (part 1)
Blue Note Reissues Series (part 2)
Dupree Bolton discography
Joe Bonner discography
Marion Booker, Jr discography
Wayne Boyd discography
Odell Brown discography
Brown Sugar compilations
Bobby Bryant discography
Paul Bryant discography
Rusty Bryant discography
Dave Burrell discography
Rahn Burton discography
BYG Actuel discography

Cadet/Argo label discography
Henry Cain discography
Hadley Caliman discography
Candid label discography
Capitol Rare compilations
Catalyst Records 7600 series
Catalyst Records 7900 series
Jodie Christian discography
Sonny Clark discography
Classic Jazz Funk (MVP) compilations
Cobblestone Records 7000 series
Cobblestone Records 9000 series
Dolo Coker discography
Gloria Coleman discography
Johnny Coles discography
Contemporary 14000 series
Junior Cook discography
The Cookers discography
Butch Cornell discography
Stanley Cowell discography
Ray Crawford discography
CTI (A&M) 3000 series
CTI 6000 series
CTI compilations: Best Of (1989-1994)
CTI compilations: Fire Into Music
CTI compilations: Master Of The ...
Ted Curson discography

Albert Dailey discography
Dance Juice compilations
Lloyd Davis discography
Dawn 1100 series discography
Debut Records discography
The Dedication Series (Impulse!)
Eddie Diehl discography
Diggin' Deeper: The Roots of Acid Jazz compilations
The Definitive Jazz Scene (Impulse!)
Walt Dickerson discography
Ben Dixon discography
Kenny Dorham discography
Morris Dow discography
Dreamstreet Records discography
Joe Dukes discography
Ted Dunbar discography

Charles Earland discography
Eastbound Records 9000 series discography
ECM main series discography
ECM Old & new
ECM :rarum
ECM Works
Gene Edwards discography
Ego Records discography
Elektra Musician discography
Ellingtonia compilations (Impulse!)
EmArcy 36000 series discography
Embryo 500 and 700 series discography
Encounter Records discography
Booker Ervin discography
George Eskridge discography

Favorite Records discography
Otis Finch discography
Flying Dutchman 10100 series
Sonny Fortune discography
Caesar Frazier discography
Larry Frazier discography
Free Lance Records discography
Freedom Jazz Dance Series compilations (pHo)
Chico Freeman discography
George Freeman discography
Futura Records discography

Galaxy 5100 series discography
Billy Gardner discography
Carlos Garnett discography
Eddie Gladden discography
Joe Gordon discography
Grant Green discography
Groove Giants compilations
Groove Merchant 500 series discography
Groove Merchant 2200 series discography
Groove Merchant 3300 series discography
Groove Merchant 4400 series discography
The Groove Merchant Years compilations

Joe Hadrick discography
Billy Harper discography
Hampton Hawes discography
Bill Hardman discography
Julius Hemphill discography
Richard "Groove" Holmes discography
Horizon (A&M) discography
Horo HDP series discography
Horo HLL series discography
Horo HZ series discography
Human Arts Ensemble discography

IDA Records discography
Improvising Artists Inc discography
Impulse 100/9000 series LP disccography
Impulse 2-On-1 Series
Impulse!: Americans In Europe
Impulse!: The Dedication Series
Impulse!: The Definitive Jazz Scene
Impulse!: Ellingtonia compilations
Impulse!: Instrument themed compilations
Impulse!: Miscellaneous V/A compilations
Impulse!: Reevaluation: The Impulse Years
Incus LP discography
India Navigation discography

Willis Jackson discography (under development)
Billy James discography
JAPO Records discography
Jaro Records LP discography
Jazz album covers: books
Jazz America Marketing JAM 001 to 021
Jazz America Marketing JAM 5001 to 5007
Jazz Club compilations (Verve)
Jazz Dance Classics compilations
Jazz Master-Composers Series (Riverside compilations)
Jazz Masters compilations (Verve)
Jazz Super Hits (Atlantic 1969/70)
Jazz:West discography
Jazzcraft label discography
Jazzland label discography (Riverside)
Carter Jefferson discography
Alvin Johnson discography
Carmel Jones discography
Frankie Jones discography
Boogaloo Joe Jones discography
Clifford Jordan discography

Calvin Keys discography
Kharma Records discography
Killer Jazz Funk (Return Of Jazz Funk) compilations
Kudu label discography
Charles Kynard discography

Harold Land discography
Landmark Records 1500 series
Azar Lawrence discography
Hugh Lawson discography
Sam Lazar discography
The Leaders discography
Leo Records discography (Finland)
O'Donel Levy discography
Liberty 6000 series discography
Kirk Lightsey discography
Limelight 82000/86000 series discography
Booker Little discography
Wilbert Longmire discography
Jimmy Lovelace discography
Ray Lucas discography
Jimmy Lyons discography
Johnny Lytle discography

Mainstream 300/400 series
Ronnie Mathews discography
Bennie Maupin discography
Freddie McCoy discography
Jack McDuff discography
Eddie McFadden discography
Jimmy McGriff discography
Ken McIntyre discography
Pat Martino discography
Mercury: EmArcy 36000 series discography
Mercury: Limelight 82000/86000 series discography
MetroJazz label
Milestone 9000 series
Milestone 47000 series
Milestone 55000 series
Milestone Profiles compilations
Milestone Twofers (1973-1980)
Blue Mitchell discography
Hank Mobley discography
Hank Mobley: books
Mod Jazz compilations
Mode Records discography
Mole Jazz discography
Lee Morgan discography
Moodsville label discography
Ramon Morris discography
Mosaic Select box sets
Muse 5000 series discography
Muse 5100 series discography
Muse 5200 series discography
Musica Records discography
MVP Classic Jazz Funk compilations
MVP Roots Of Jazz Funk compilations

Nagara Records
Nessa Records discography
New Jazz (Prestige) series discography
The New Jazz Spectrum compilations
Phineas Newborn discography
David "Fathead" Newman discography
Night Records discography
Nilva Records discography

Ogun Records discography
Old And New Dreams discography
Original Jazz Classics Samplers
Jimmy Owens discography
Oxford Studies in Recorded Jazz

Pacific Jazz 10000/20000 series
Palcoscenico Records discography
Paris Reunion Band discography
Maynard Parker discography
Horace Parlan discography
Don Patterson discography
John Patton discography
Paula 4000 series discography
Perception Records discography
Sonny Phillips discography
Philly Jazz Inc discography
Trudy Pitts discography
PM label discography
Po Torch Records discography
Jimmy Ponder discography
Pop Composers Series (Riverside compilations)
Postcards Records discography
Prestige 2500 series
Prestige 7000 series
Prestige 10000 series
Prestige 16000 series
Prestige 24000 series
Prestige 34000 series
Prestige 66000 series
Prestige compilations: Best Of (1969)
Prestige compilations: Best Of (1970)
Prestige compilations: Jazz Giants Play
Prestige compilations: Legends Of Acid Jazz
Prestige compilations: Played by America's Greatest Jazzmen
Prestige compilations: Plays For Lovers
Prestige compilations: Prestige Profiles
Prestige: Moodsville label discography
Prestige New Jazz (8200) series
Ken Prince discography
Roland Prince discography
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers discography (under development)

Sonny Red discography
Dewey Redman discography
Dizzy Reece discography
Reevaluation: The Impulse Years compilations
Revolutionary Ensemble discography
Rhino Anthologies (1993/1994)
Melvin Rhyne discography
Wally Richardson discography
Malcolm Riddick discography
Right On! Break Beats & Grooves compilations
Sam Rivers discography
Riverside 200/300/400 series discography
Riverside 3500 series discography
Riverside compilations: Jazz Master-Composers Series
Riverside compilations: Pop Composers Series
Riverside: Jazzland label discography
Freddie Roach discography
Sonny Rollins discography
Roost 2200 series discography
Roots Of Jazz Funk (MVP) compilations
Roulette 5000 series discography
Roulette 52000 series discography
Roulette 65000 series discography
Roulette Echoes Of An Era (100 series) discography
Roulette SRB series discography

Savoy 1100 series discography
Savoy 2200 series discography
Savoy 12000 series discography
Savoy 13000 series discography
Thornel Schwartz discography
Shirley Scott discography
"Seasons" compilations (32 Jazz)
Silkheart label discography
Skye Records discography
Jimmy Smith discography
Johnny "Hammond" Smith discography
Lonnie Smith discography
Louis Smith discography
Sonelius Smith discography
Solid State 18000 series
Soul Note discography
Melvin Sparks discography
Leon Spencer Jr. discography
Steam Records discography
Steeplechase Records 1000/30000 series
Steeplechase Records 6000 series
Steeplechase Records 7000 series
Steeplechase Records 33100 series (Steeplechase LookOut)
Strata East LP discography
Sue Records 1000 series
Idrees Sulieman discography
Sweet Earth Records discography

Talkin' Verve compilations
Theresa Records discography
Timeless label (SJP series) discography
Bobby Timmons discography
Charles Tolliver discography
Treader Records discography
Trident Records discography
Tru-Sound 15000 series
Mickey Tucker discography
Milt Turner discography
Tommy Turrentine discography
Turtle Records (UK) discography
Tutu Records discography

Vault 9000 series
Verve compilations: Jazz Club
Verve comnpilations: Jazz Masters
Verve compilations: Talkin' Verve
Harold Vick discography
Vortex label discography

Hugh Walker discography
Quentin Warren discography
Waterland Records discography
WATT label discography
West 54 Records discography
Whynot Records discography
Don Wilkerson discography (under development)
Richard Williams discography
Baby Face Willette discography
Larry Willis discography
Reuben Wilson discography
Lem Winchester discography
Workshop Jazz LP discography
Eddie Wright discography
Richard Wyands discography

Xanadu Records discography
XtraWATT label discography

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