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Welcome to Jazzlists...
... a collection of discographies of record labels and jazz musicians covering music from the late 1950's through to the 2000's. Each discography list comprises albums released on a specific label or albums that include a particular musician. Track lists and musician details are given for the majority of albums.

(Strictly speaking this site is a collection of album lists rather than discographies. The focus is on items that can, or could, be bought. There is a wealth of more detailed printed and online jazz discography elsewhere produced by many scholarly and thorough experts. This site is something much simpler!)

The site started as a Grant Green discography in about 2000. Lists for a number of soul jazz musicians were added in 2005 and 2006 and the site was moved to www.organguitardrums.com to reflect the temporary focus on soul jazz and organ trio musicians. Also during this period the first lists of albums released on specific record labels were added. Lists of compilations were added to fill in gaps.

By 2011 many more label lists had been added and the soul jazz focus had become a bit restrictive. The site name changed again - this time to www.jazzlists.com. Many more record label lists have been added since that time.

In 2014 a new series of musicians lists started, focussing initially on pianists. Sections covering selected saxophonists, trumpeters and trombonists have been added during 2014 and 2015. Further label lists have also been added during this period.

Please note that the copyright in any of the LP/CD/cassette covers, LP labels, posters and book covers reproduced in the discography rests with the record/CD-issuing companies, artists or book publishers. They are reproduced here for information only.

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Last updated October 2015