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The Best of Hank Mobley

Hank Mobley

Initial release : 1996

Blue Note

A collection of Hank Mobley tracks released on Blue Note. Grant Green plays on one track.


  • Avila and Tequila (Mobley)
  • Funk in Deep Freeze (Mobley)
  • Fin de l'Affaire (Mobley)
  • Take Your Pick (Mobley)
  • This I Dig of You (Mobley)
  • Smokin' (Mobley)
  • Recado Bossa Nova (Antonio / Ferreira)
  • No Room for Squares (Mobley)
  • The Turnaround (Mobley)
  • 3rd Time Around (Mobley)
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Grant Green plays on Smokin' which was originally released on;

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