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Delmark Records discography: 400/500 series

This is a discography of 400/500 series of jazz albums released by Delmark from the late 1950's onward. This series is documented here over two pages. This second page lists the 500 series albums.

Delmark was founded, as Delmar, in 1953 by Robert G Koester. The name change to Delmark coincided with relocation to Chicago in 1958. Many blues albums were also released by Delmark but these fall outside the scope of this site.

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Delmark 500 series albums

Mode For Mabes, Eric Alexander, 1998, Delmark 500

Tracks : Mode For Mabes, Sugar Ray, For Heaven's Sake, Erik The Red, Love Thy Neighbor, Stay Straight, Stairway To The Stairs, Naima

Musicians : Eric Alexander, Jim Rotundi, Steve Davis, Harold Mabern, John Webber, George Fludas

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Cut It Out, Frank Catalano, 1998, Delmark 501

Tracks : Confirmation, Love Vibrations, Those Wacky Ways, Willow Weep For Me, Cut It Out!?!, I Mean You, God Made It Beautiful, Party Time, 5:02 Blues, Tenor Madness

Musicians : Frank Catalano, Ira Sullivan, Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom, Robert Shy, Rusty Jones

album cover

Smiles, Rich Corpolongo Quartet, 1998, Delmark 502

Tracks : Expressivo, Experiment, Nancy's Blues, Tone Row, Margin Of Space, Different Blues, Smiles

Musicians : Rich Corpolongo, Larry Luchowski, Eric Hochberg, Mike Raynor

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Playground, Rob Mazurek / Chicago Underground Orchestra, 1998, Delmark 503

Tracks : Blow Up, Flamingos Dancing On Luminescent Moonbeams, Boiled Over, Le Sucrier Velours, Components Changes, Playground, Jeff's New Idea, The Inner Soul Of H, Whitney, Ostinato

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Sara P. Smith, Chris Lopes, Jeff Parker, Chad Taylor, John Herndon (track 1), Dan Bitney (track 1), Tony Pinciotti (track 8)

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Venus, Ari Brown, 1998, Delmark 504

Tracks : Oui Lee, Trane's Example, Roscoe, Venus, Quiet Time, Baldhead Gerald, Oh What A World We're Living In, Rahsaan In The Serengeti

Musicians : Ari Brown, Kirk Brown, Josef Ben Israel, Thaddeus Expose (track 8), Avreeayl Ra, Art "Turk" Burton (track 4 & 8), Enoch (track 4 & 8)

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Freebop Now!: 20th Anniversary Of The Freebop Band, Malachi Thompson, 19??, Delmark 506

Tracks : Black Nile, Goree Island, Flight To Senegal, Freebop Now!, Just A Look, 'Round Midnight, Cancerian Moon, Jammin' At The Point, Worm Hole, Ancient African Horns, Black Hole, Heathens And Space/Time Projection, Jammin' At The Point (Reprise)

Musicians : Tracks 1-6, 8-13: Malachi Thompson, Steve Berry, Billy Harper, Oliver Lake, Sonny Seals, Kirk Brown, James Cammack, Harrison Bankhead, Dana Hall, Richard "Drahseer" Smith, Tony Carpenter, Hamid Drake, Amiri Baraka, Mae Koern, Larry Smith, Sharese Locke, Malachi Thompson / Track 7: Malachi Thompson, Joe Ford, Carter Jefferson, Steve Berry, Kirk Brown, John Whitfield, Nasar Abadey

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Return of the Lost Tribe, Bright Moments, 1998, Delmark 507

Tracks : Return Of The Lost Tribe, Song Of Joy For The Predestined, Kudus, Dance'm, Fragmentation - Prayer At Twilight, Ornette, Dream Of

Musicians : Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Joseph Jarman, Adegoke Steve Colson, Malachi Favors, Kahil El'Zabar

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Von & Ed, Von Freeman and Ed Petersen, 1999, Delmark 508

Tracks : Mr. PC, Four, Lover Man, A Night In Tunisia, Lover

Musicians : Von Freeman, Ed Petersen, Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom, Robert Shy

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Payne's Window, Cecil Payne, 1999, Delmark 509

Tracks : Spiritus Parkus, Martin Luther King Jr., James, That's It Blues, Payne's Window, Southside Samba, Lover Man, Tune Up, Delilah, Hold Tight

Musicians : Cecil Payne, Steve Davis, Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth

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In Walked Buckner, Roscoe Mitchell Quartet, 1999, Delmark 510

Tracks : Off Shore, In Walked Buckner, Squeaky, The Le Dreher Suite, Three Sides Of A Story, Till Autumn, Fly Over, Opposite Sides

Musicians : Roscoe Mitchell, Jodie Christian, Reggie Workman, Albert Tootie Heath

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Possible Cube, Chicago Underground Trio, 1999, Delmark 511

Tracks : Othello, Shaw Town, O Balanco, Nude Anthem, The Enormous Room, Pisces, Into Another You, Pássaros, O Sino, LMNO, Munir E Salete, Teletransportation Unit 3, Future Ancestors, Energia, Arthur Na Igreja, Leonardo, La Jetée

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Noel Kupersmith, Chad Taylor / Jeff Parker (tracks 2, 7 & 12)

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The Song Bird, Francine Griffin, 19??, Delmark 512

Tracks : Two Little Words, If I Were a Bell, You’ve Changed, Anthropology, Inside a Silent Tear, It’s Crazy, Don’t Be on the Outside, I Remember Clifford, Will You Still Be Mine?, It Don’t Mean a Thing, With a Twist of the Wrist, You Won’t Forget Me, I Hadn’t Anyone ’Til You, Body and Soul

Musicians : Francine Griffin, Art Hoyle, Paul McKee, Mike Smith, Ed Peterson, Brad Williams, Willie Pickens, John Whitfield, Mike Raynor, George Fludas, Wilbur Campbell

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Heretic Blues, Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six, 1999, Delmark 513

Tracks : Moten Swing, Heretic Blues, Girl from New York City, Self Inflicted, My Friend Eddie, Could You Please Move Over?, Stack o’ Lee, Candy Dish Stomp, Oh! Lady Be Good, There, There, There, Margaret, Blues for Andrew, Red Boa, Mope

Musicians : Kevin O'Donnell, David Dieckmann, Chris Greene, Andrew Bird, Colin Bunn, Jon Williams, Josh Hirsch

album cover

Conversations, Archie Shepp meet Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio, 1999, Delmark 514

Tracks : Conversations 1; The Introduction, Big Fred, Kari, Whenever I Think Of You, Conversations 2; The Dialogue, Brother Malcolm, Revelations

Musicians : Archie Shepp, Kahil El'Zabar, Ari Brown, Malachi Favors

album cover

Design in Time, Ken Vandermark's Sound in Action Trio, 1999, Delmark 516

Tracks : Law Years, Sounds And Something Else, One More Once, Well Suited, Cut To Fit, Angels, Feet Music, The Thing, Top Shelf, Green Chimneys, Peace

Musicians : Ken Vandermark, Tim Mulvenna, Robert Barry

album cover

Freedom Jazz Dance, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, 1999, Delmark 517

Tracks : Freedom Jazz Dance, Katon, Catch Me, Mama's House, So Low But Not Alone, This Little Light Of Mine, Barundi

Musicians : Joseph Bowie, Ernest "Khabeer" Dawkins, Fareed Haque, Kahil El'Zabar

album cover

Rising Daystar, Malachi Thompson, 1999, Delmark 518

Tracks : Rising Daystar, Mansa, Busy Little Fingers, Nefertiti, Surrender Your Love, Fanfare for Trane, Song for Morgan, Circles in the Air

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Steve Berry, Sonny Seals, Gary Bartz, Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead, James Cammack, John Whitfield, Fred Hopkins, Nasar Abadey, Dana Hall, Tony Carpenter, Dee Alexander

album cover

Africa'N'Da Blues, Kahil El Zabar's Ritual Trio w/ Pharoah Sanders, 2000, Delmark 519

Tracks : Ka-Real (Take 2), Africanos / Latinos, Miles' Mode, Autumn Leaves, Africa N'da Blues, Pharoah's Song, Ka-Real (Take 1)

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Ari Brown, Pharoah Sanders, Malachi Favors, Susana Sandoval (track 2)

album cover

Grit Gittin' Feelin', Harold Ousley, 2000, Delmark 520

Tracks : Without A Song, Canadian Sunset, Night Song, Lush Life, Grit-Gittin' Feelin', Now That I Am So In Love, El Senioree, Go Away Little Girl, A Troubled Soul

Musicians : Harold Ousley, Jodie Christian, John Whitfield, Robert Shy, Art Hoyle

album cover

Flamethrower, Chicago Underground Trio, 2000, Delmark 521

Tracks : Quail, Fahrenheit 451, Warm Marsh, Antiquity, Flamethrower, Woman In Motion, Triceptikon, A Lesson Earned, Arcweld, Elroy, Number 19, 504, The Tungflec Treaty, The World Has Changed, Elray

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Noel Kupersmith, Chad Taylor / Jeff Parker

album cover

Control Freak, Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six, 2000, Delmark 522

Tracks : She's Got The Apples (Le Jazz Sillon), Man Alive, One Lonely Drum, Tight And Long, Control Freak (Candy Dish Stomp, Pt. II), The Blanket Drag, The Depths, So, Quietly He Went, Tell Everyone I Said Goodbye, Thanks For Dinner, Caravan, No More Oscar, Chocolate Eggs

Musicians : Kevin O'Donnell, Chris Greene, Josh Bell, Colin Bunn, Andrew Bird, Josh Hirsch

album cover

Airegin, Lin Halliday, 2000, Delmark 523

Tracks : Airegin, Sophisticated Lady, With A Song In My Heart, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, My Foolish Heart, Hello Young Lovers, Love Letters, Cherokee

Musicians : Lin Halliday, Jodie Christian, Dennis Carroll, Tom Kronquist

album cover

Jo'burg Jump, Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble, 2000, Delmark 524

Tracks : Stranger, Jo'burg Jump, The Gist Of It, Shorter Suite, Goldinger, Turtle Island Dance, Transcension

Musicians : Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, Ameen Muhammad, Steve Berry, Yosef Ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra, Jeff Parker (track 4)

album cover

You Talkin' To Me?!, Von Freeman & Frank Catalano, 2000, Delmark 525

Tracks : Get Out, Good Bait, When I Fall In Love, You Talkin' To Me?, Summertime, Alone Together, Wave, I Could Write A Book, Reverse Blues

Musicians : Von Freeman, Frank Catalano, Larry Novak, Larry Kohut, Joel Spencer

album cover

Robbins' Nest: Live at the Jazz Showcase, Sir Charles Thompson, 2000, Delmark 526

Tracks : Robbins Nest, 'S Wonderful, Tunis in (Tune Us In), You Don't Know What Love Is, Body and Soul, A Boogie Woogie, Stuffy, Easy Living, The King, Blue and Sentimental, I Never Knew, Goodbye

Musicians : Sir Charles Thompson, Eric Schneider, Ed de Haas, Charles Braugham

Recorded live in Chicago in August 2000.

album cover

Ethnic Stew & Brew, Roy Campbell, 2000, Delmark 528

Tracks : Tazz's Dilemma, Malcolm, Martin And Mandela, Imhotep, Impressions Of Yokohama, Ethnic Stew And Brew, Heavenly Ascending, Amadou Diallo

Musicians : Roy Campbell, William Parker, Hamid Drake

album cover

Chic Boom: Live at the Jazz Showcase, Cecil Payne, 2001, Delmark 529

Tracks : Talk, Chic Boom, Ding-A-Ling, You Will Be Mine Tonight, Bosco, Here's That Rainy Day, Cit Sac, Theme

Musicians : Cecil Payne, Jim Rotondi, Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth

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Modern Man, Bobby Broom, 2001, Delmark 530

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album cover

Reminiscing, Jodie Christian Trio, 2001, Delmark 531

Tracks : How Insensitive, I'll Close My Eyes, My Man's Gone Now, It's Good to Have You Near, Chicago Delta Blues, Love Walked In, Embraceable You, You Are So Beautiful, Morning Star

Musicians : Jodie Christian, Dennis Carroll, Tony Walton

album cover

Talking Horns, Malachi Thompson, 2001, Delmark 532

Tracks : Woody's Dream, Brass And Oak, Scope, Way Back When We Didn't Understand, Fred Hopkins, Talking Horns, Lucky Seven, Circles In The Air

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Oliver Lake, Hamiet Bluiett, Willie Pickens, Harrison Bankhead, Reggie Nicholson

album cover

Spirits Entering, Kahil El'Zabar / Billy Bang, 2001, Delmark 533

Tracks : Spirits Entering, 2 Was Now, Sweet Irene, Love Outside Of Dreams, The Dream Merchant, Song Of Myself, The Ituri Fantasy, Old Time Religion, Golden Sea

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Billy Bang

album cover

On the Run: Live at the Velvet Lounge, Fred Anderson, 2001, DG-534

Tracks : Ladies In Love, On The Run, Smooth Velvet, Tatsu's Groove, Hamid's On Fire

Musicians : Fred Anderson, Tatsu Aoki, Hamid Drake

Recorded live at the Velvet Lounge in Chicago on March 25, 2000.

album cover

At the Party, Earl Hines, 2001, Delmark 535

Tracks : It's Only A Paper Moon, Coquette, Poor Butterfly, Indiana, Along The Santa Fe Trail, Lazy River, Chicago/I Left My Heart In San Francisco, I Want A Little Girl

Musicians : Earl Hines, Johnny Rae, Jack Crowley, Larry Richardson, Kahil Mahdee

Recorded live in San Francisco on May 13, 1970.

album cover

Live at the Green Mill, Frank Catalano, 2001, DG-536

Tracks : Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, Killer Joe, Bubble House, Impressions, The Theme

Musicians : Frank Catalano, Randy Brecker, Larry Novak, Eric Hochberg, Paul Wertico

Recorded live at the Green Mill in Chicago on May 30, 2001.

album cover

I've Got Rhythm: Live at the Jazz Showcase, Sir Charles Thompson, 2001, DG-537

Tracks : I Got Rhythm, Autumn Leaves, All The Things You Are, Three Little Words, I Want A Little Girl, Just You, Just Me, Stardust, If I Had You, Jumpin’With Symphony Sid, What’s New, Sometimes I’m Happy, Second Balcony Jump

Musicians : Sir Charles Thompson, Eric Schneider, Ed De Haas, Charles Braugham

album cover

Jumpin' At Apollo, Illinois Jacquet, 2001, Delmark 538

Tracks : Diggin' the Count, Bottoms Up, Ghost of a Chance, South Street Special, Jacquet Bounce, Robbin's Nest, Jumpin' at Apollo, What's This, Memories of You, Music Hall Beat, Jumpin' at the Woodside, Merle's Mood, She's Funny That Way, 12 Minutes To Go, Wondering and Thinking of You, Here Comes the Blues, Wynonie's Blues, Bottoms Up, 12 Minutes To Go, Merle's Mood, South Street Special, Jumpin' at the Woodside, Jacquet Mood

Musicians : Illinois Jacquet, Russell Jacquet, Joe Newman, Trummy Young, John Brown, Ray Perry, Arthur Dennis, Leo Parker, Bill Doggett, Sir Charles Thompson, Ulysses Livingston, Freddie Green, Charles Mingus, John Simmons, Al Lucas, Al Wichard, Denzil Best, Shadow Wilson, Wynonie Harris

Tracks recorded for Apollo between 1945 and 1948.

album cover

Mister Lucky, Al Green & Othello Anderson, 2002, Delmark 539

Tracks : Annette's Blues, All the Things You Are, Mr. Lucky, Are You Real, Medley: My Funny Valentine/Peace/What's New, High Fly, Once I Loved, Ceora, Strollin', Stella by Starlight, The Way You Look Tonight

Musicians : Al Green, Othello Anderson, Jodie Christian, John Whitfield, Leandro Lopez Varady

album cover

Silver Spines, Rob Mazurek, 2002, Delmark 540

Tracks : Moving Through And Back Again (The Quietude Of Moving Through You And Back Again), Cloth And Bells Cut, 4 Seconds Of Silence (I Have Separated Nothing And Doubled My Heart), Breathe And Silver Spines Contained (For Stanley Kubrick), Birds Song_So Sang Them, Patterns And Fixations Along The Path Of Seeing Red, Feel Ard... Ardeel... Feeling Hard... Falling Harder, Haphazard Half Hazardous.. Frequencies Push Through Another And Another..., For, Love (No Burst In Beginning), Through The Window There Was A Green And Blue Dress, Metal Monsters Never Fail Me Now, Composition 56 in 4th Place And Still Looking, Them Sang So_Song Birds, Remember The Time It Spun Out And Fell Into Itself. It Never Stopped Rising..., Quietly Sleeping, How Times Turns Itself (Or) That Thought I Had Next Thursday Was A Good One, Underwater And Trying To Find The Stars, Still Looking But Not Breathing, Love, For (Slight Burst In Beginning)

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Casey Rice

album cover

Love Outside of Dreams, Kahil El'Zabar Trio, 2002, Delmark 541

Tracks : Love Outside Of Dreams, Song For A New South Africa, Song Of Myself, Nia, Meditation For The Celestial Warriors, The Ebullient Duke, Fred, One World Family

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, David Murray, Fred Hopkins

album cover

Honkers & Bar Walkers Volume Three, Various Artists, 2002, Delmark 542

Tracks : Spider Web (Eddie Chamblee), It Ain't Necessarily Blues (Eddie Chamblee), Lonesome Road (Eddie Chamblee), Caravan (Eddie Chamblee), Come On In (Eddie Chamblee), Take Off (T.J. Fowler), The Queen (T.J. Fowler), Fine And Brown (Alternate) (Sax Mallard Roosevelt Sykes), The Cat Creeps (Memphis Slim), Walkin' Home (J.T. Brown), Rhapsody In Purple (Eddie Chamblee), St. James Infirmary (Eddie Chamblee), Air Mail Special (Eddie Chamblee), Walkin' Home (Eddie Chamblee), La! La! La! Lady (Eddie Chamblee), Dynaflow (Wild Bill Murphy), Blues At Dawn (Wild Bill Murphy), Wild Bill's Bounce (Wild Bill Murphy), Bar B Q (Floyd Taylor), Loch Lomond (Floyd Taylor), Baritone Boogie (Floyd Taylor), Down For Debbie (Swinging Sax Kari)

album cover

Like-Coping, Jeff Parker, 2003, Delmark 543

Tracks : Miriam, Like-Coping, Days Fly By (With Ruby), Holiday For A Despot, Onyx, Watusi, Omega Sci Fi, Pinecone, Cubes, Plain Song, Scrambler, Roundabout

Musicians : Jeff Parker, Chad Taylor, Chris Lopes

album cover

Four Compositions (GTM) 2000, Anthony Braxton, 2003, Delmark 544

Tracks : Composition 242, Composition 243, Composition 244, Composition 245

Musicians : Anthony Braxton, Kevin Uehlinger, Keith Witty, Noam Schatz

album cover

Cape Town Shuffle, Live at the HotHouse, Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble, 2003, Delmark 545

Tracks : Toucouleur, Third Line And The Cape Town Shuffle, Dolphy And The Monk Dance, Jazz To Hip Hop

Musicians : Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, Ameen Muhammad, Steve Berry, Darius Savage, Avreeayl Ra, Kahari B (track 4)

album cover

Cipher, Josh Abrams, 2003, Delmark 546

Tracks : Mental Politician, And See, Neb Nimaj Nero, Cipher, Calamities Break, No Theory, Background Beneath, Space Modulator, First Tune That Night, For SK

Musicians : Joshua Abrams, Axel Dörner, Guillermo Gregorio, Jeff Parker

album cover

Titration, Active Ingredients, 2003, Delmark 547

Tracks : Song For Dyani, Velocity, Slate, Visual Industries, Modern Mythology, Absence, Titration, Dependent Origination, Other Peoples' Problems

Musicians : Chad Taylor, Rob Mazurek, Steve Swell, Jemeel Moondoc, David Boykin, Tom Abbs, Avreeayl Ra

album cover

Blue Jazz, Malachi Thompson & Africa Brass, 2004, Delmark 548

Tracks : Black Metropolis, The Panther, Jaaz Revelations, Genesis / Rebirth, Po' Little Louie, Get On The Train, Blues For A Saint Called Louis, Blue Jazz, Footprints, Mud Hole

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Kenny Anderson, Elmer Brown, David Spencer, Steve Berry, Kirk Tracy, Bill McFarland, Billy Harper, Gary Bartz, Ari Brown, Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead, Leon Joyce, Dee Alexander, The Big DooWopper

album cover

Back At The Velvet Lounge, Fred Anderson, 2003, Delmark 549

Tracks : Fougeux, Olivia, Job Market Blues, Syene, King Fish

Musicians : Fred Anderson, Maurice Brown, Jeff Parker, Harrison Bankhead, Chad Taylor

Recorded live at the Velvet Lounge in Chicago on 18 November 2002.

album cover

Up Jumped Spring, Curtis Fuller, 2004, Delmark 550

Tracks : Cantaloupe Island, Up Jumped Spring, In A Mellow Tone, God Bless the Child, Bags' Groove, Equinox, I'm Old Fashioned, Alone Together, Whisper Not, Black Night, Star Eyes

Musicians : Curtis Fuller, Brad Goode, Karl Montzka, Larry Gray, Stewart Miller, Tim Davis, Jacey Falk (track 10)

album cover

Breeding Resistance, Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, 2004, Delmark 551

Tracks : Saro-Wiwa, Chairman Fred (I Wish Fred Hampton Was Here), Knife, For Martyrs, This Is A Takeover, Elegy, Breeding Resistance (AKA Paper Tiger Blues), Huntsville, TX, D.C., Axé, Pablo

Musicians : Ted Sirota, Jeb Bishop, Geof Bradfield, Jeff Parker, Clark Sommers

album cover

Tribute To Hamp, Duane Thamm and the Chuck Hedges Swingtet, 2004, Delmark 552

Tracks : The Man I Love, Memories Of You, Autumn Leaves, Come Sunday, I Surrender Dear, Seven Come Eleven, Moonglow, Avalon

Musicians : Duane Thamm, Chuck Hedges, Frank Dawson, John Bany, Charlie Braugham

album cover

Morning Song, Kalaparush & The Light, 2004, Delmark 553

Tracks : Here Comes The Light, Let Us All Relax, In My Morning Song, Noon, Place, Against All Odds, Mobo, I Don't Have An Answer Unless It's God, Morning, Symphony No. 1, Evening

Musicians : Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Jesse Dulman, Ravish Momin

album cover

Yes Indeed! Women Vocalists On United, Various Artists, 2004, Delmark 554

Tracks : Yes Indeed (Della Reese), Blue And Orange Birds And Silver Bells (Della Reese), There Will Never Be Another You (Della Reese), Mays' Haze (Take 1) (Betty Mays), Old Mill Stream (Betty Mays), Never To Cry Again (Bixie Crawford And Orchestra), Fallen (Bixie Crawford), I'm Still In Love With You (Bixie Crawford), Foolish (Jewel Belle), Lonely Monday (Jewel Belle), Until I Fell For You (Vanita Smythe), Please Wait For Me (Debbie Andrews), I Can't Forget (Terry Timmons), Somebody Will Understand (Terry Timmons), How Deep Is The Ocean (Jimmy Coe), Going Down To Big Mary's (alt) (Helen Thompson And Orchestra), A Fool Was I (Helen Cox), Yes Indeed (alt) (Della Reese), When Your Lover Has Gone (Debbie Andrews), Mays' Haze (Take 2) (Betty Mays)

album cover

Crazy Walk, Tab Smith, 2004, Delmark 555

Tracks : Hurricane T, Spider's Web, Mean To Me, T.G. Blues, Fast Blues, Someone To Watch Over Me, Yo Yo Blues, Bounce Blues, Feel Like I Wanna Die, Caravan, Blues In My Heart, I Want You To Love Me, Soft Breeze, Slow Blues, Crazy Walk, Pretend, Pick Up On Tab, Pt. 1, Stardust, Dansero, Alone Without You, Pick Up On Tab, Pt. 2, My Mother's Eyes, Mambolino, Just One More Time

Tracks recorded for United Records in the 1950's.

album cover

Deep Blue Bruise, Deep Blue Organ Trio, 2004, Delmark 556

Tracks : These Foolish Things, Cafe Regio's, It Was A Very Good Year, Rapsberry Beret, Granted, Can't Hide Love, Willow Weep For Me, Light My Fire, Polka Dots And Moonbeams, Deep Blue Bruise

Musicians : Chris Foreman, Bobby Broom, Greg Rockingham

album cover

We Is, Live At The Bop Shop, Kahil El'Zabar & David Murray, 2004, Delmark 557

Tracks : Groove Allure, We Is, Blues Affirmation, One World Family, Sweet Meat

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, David Murray

album cover

Song Songs Song, Jeff Parker & Scott Fields, 20??, Delmark 558

Tracks : LK 92, Untitled, 1968, Bing Cherry Juice, KY Jelly, Ketchup On Vellum, Untitled, 2004, Dried Blood On Gauze, Elastic Strip With Adhesive Backing, Untitled, 2001, Soot On Slate, Untitled, 1955, Crayon On Kellogg's Corn Flakes Box, The Fields Of Cologne

Musicians : Jeff Parker, Scott Fields

album cover

Mean Ameen, Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble, 2004, Delmark 559

Tracks : Mean Ameen, 3-D, Jeff To The Left, The Messenger, Haiti, Buster And The Search For The Human Genome

Musicians : Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, Maurice Brown, Steve Berry, Darius Savage, Isaiah Spencer

album cover

More Questions Than Answers, Jim Baker, 2005, Delmark 560

Tracks : Watching The Interstate, Tolled Deadpan, Tocsin Du Jour, Happenedstance, Post-Industrial Societies And Their Precursors, Infinity Trap Blues, Is It Still Mime If They're Deaf?, Mourning Doves, Grey Comedy, Hobbesian's Choice, More Questions Than Answers, Airstrip Vespers, Through The Woods, Over The River

Musicians : Jim Baker

album cover

Several Lights, Chicago Luzern Exchange, 2005, Delmark 561

Tracks : Slips, Five Handfuls, Three Of Three, Skidding, One Of Three, Trouble, Our Thing, Pedal Past, Soon Enough, Dos, A Little Paler, Fairly Fast, Walls, Take The Place, Over The Wire, Spend Your Life, Two Of Three, Someone Came And Took Yours And Left You His, One-O-One

Musicians : Joshua Berman, Keefe Jackson, Marc Unternährer, Frank Rosaly

album cover

Running Out Of Time, SavoirFaire, 2005, Delmark 562

Tracks : Running Out Of Time, One Inch Angels, Room For More, Martitha, Pendulum, Surazal, Interlude, Timetable, Somer's Ashes, Aspen's Woes

Musicians : SavoirFaire, Ben Patterson, Bill MacKay, Kurt Schweitz, Kyle Hernadez, Corey Radford, Anti

album cover

It's Magic, Sonny Stitt, 2005, Delmark 563

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album cover

High Voltage, Common Ground, 2005, Delmark 564

Tracks : What's In A Name?, Too Late, You Do It, Pakula Blues, Freedom Jazz Dance, Half Tone Poem, Nardis, The Itch, Within You Without You

Musicians : Tom Wright, Zach Brock, Jordan Baskin, Mike Arnopol, Tom Hipskind

album cover

Blues For Hawk, Blues For Hawk, Yves Francois, 2005, Delmark 565

Tracks : Lester Leaps In, Roll 'Em Pete, Comin' In Home, Blues For Hawk, Melancholy Baby, How Long Blues, Tiptoe, Kathy, Catnip, Studio Chatter, Mecca Flat Blues, Just A Feeling, Sweet Sue (Just You), Hot Harlem, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, Spider Crawl, Hassell Road

Musicians : Yves Francois, John Gorman, Franz Jackson, Eddie Johnson, Marc Smierciak, Bud Johnson, Jeff Lindahl, Odie Payne, Jr., Ken Voelker, Eric Haggard

Tracks recorded between 1981 and 1986 and originally released on the Pinnacle label.

album cover

Live At The River East Art Center, Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio with Billy Bang, 2005, Delmark 566

Tracks : Big M, Return Of The Lost Tribe, Where Do You Want To Go?, Be Exciting (Kahil Testifies), Oof

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Ari Brown, Billy Bang, Yosef Ben Israel

Recorded live at the River East Art Center in Chicago on 18 December 2004.

album cover

Hypnotic Suggestion, Brad Goode, 2006, Delmark 567

Tracks : Hypnotic Suggestion, Once Upon A Summertime, Bemsha Swing, Just A Thought, Thinking of You, Beautiful Love, Detroit Scene, I Can't Forget About, Crazy Rhythm

Musicians : Brad Goode, Adrean Farrugia, Kelly Sill, Dana Hall

album cover

Timeless: Live At The Velvet Lounge, Fred Anderson, 2006, Delmark 568

Tracks : Flashback, Ode To Tip, By Many Names, Timeless

Musicians : Fred Anderson, Harrison Bankhead, Hamid Drake

Recorded at The Velvet Lounge in Chicago on July 12 and 13, 2005.

album cover

Goin' To Town: Live At The Green Mill, Deep Blue Organ Trio, 2006, Delmark 569

Tracks : Goin' To Town, Once I Loved, The Way You Look Tonight, 12th Of Never, No Hype Blues, Can't Hide Love

Musicians : Chris Foreman, Bobby Broom, Greg Rockingham

album cover

The Messenger: Live At The Original Velvet Lounge, Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble, 2006, Delmark 570

Tracks : Intro, Mean Ameen, The Messenger, Goin' Downtown Blues, Toucouleur, The Brood, Lookin' For Ninny

Musicians : Ernest Dawkins, Maurice Brown, Steve Berry, Darius Savage, Isaiah Spencer

Recorded live at The Velvet Lounge in Chicago on 14 July 2005.

album cover

Ready Everyday, Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens, 2006, Delmark 571

Tracks : Ready Everyday, Signs, Band Theme, Blackout, Saying Yes, Pax Urbanum, Course

Musicians : Keefe Jackson, Josh Berman, Aram Shelton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly

album cover

Big M. Featuring Billy Bang, Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio, 2006, Delmark 572

Tracks : Crumb-Puck-U-Lent, Oof, Freedom Flexibility, Big M, Kau, Maghoustut, Malachi

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Ari Brown, Billy Bang, Yosef Ben Israel

album cover

Chronicle, Chicago Underground Trio, 2007, Delmark 573

Tracks : Initiation, Resistance, Power, Crisis, Transformation, Transcendence

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Jason Ajemian, Chad Taylor

Recorded live in Chicago on July 21, 2006.

album cover

Hot 'N' Heavy, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, 2007, Delmark 574

Tracks : Major To Minor, MT, Hot 'N' Heavy, There Is A Place, Black As Vera Cruz

Musicians : Corey Wilkes, Ernest "Khabeer" Dawkins, Fareed Haque, Kahil El'Zabar

Recorded live at the Ascension Loft in Chicago on 30 July 2006.

album cover

Black Unstoppable, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, 2007, Delmark 575

Tracks : Cause And Effect, Black Unstoppable, February, Love Has No Boundaries, Sun Cycles, The Creator Has Other Plans For Me, Life Wants You To Love, Navigator, Thanking The Universe

Musicians : Nicole Mitchell, David Young, David Boykin, Jeff Parker, Tomeka Reid, Josh Abrams, Marcus Evans / Justin Dillard (tracks 4, 5 & 8), Ugochi Nwaogwugwu (track 4, 7 & 9), David Young (track 4)

album cover

Transmigration, Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra, 2007, Delmark 576

Tracks : Soul To Groove, Speaking In Tongues, Transmigration, Nu Art Claiming Earth, Return Of The Lost Tribe

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Dominique Darrouzet, Fabien Deyts, Piero Pepin, Vincent Faugere, Yann Grillon, Guillaume Ballin, Guillaume Pique, Jeremi Ortal, Joseph Bowie, Illyes Ferfera, Ernest Dawkins, Benoit Berthe, Karlis Vanags, Noris Kolmanis, Arnaud Rouanet, Marc Closier, Grat Martinez, Jean Dousteyssier, Christian Patzer, Olivier Soubles, Clement Billardello, Xavier Corpice, Xavier Hayet, Herve Mignon, Antonin Mallaret, Philippe Gaubert, Yoann Scheidt, Boudji Abasse, Jonathan Verbaere, Manue Peran, Marianne Thiebaut, Yacouba Silla, Estelle Renaud, Pascale Martinez, Yvain Chambard, Nicolas Perrin, Bindi Mahamat, Remi Bernis, Nathalie Gaucher, Taro Ochiai

album cover

Live At The Green Mill, Ari Brown, 2007, Delmark 577

Tracks : Richard's Tune, One For Skip, Shorter's Vibes, Two Gun V, Kylie's Lullaby, Evod

Musicians : Ari Brown, Pharez Whitted (tracks 1, 5 & 6), Kirk Brown, Yosef Ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra

album cover

Nature Boy, Brad Goode, 2007, Delmark 578

Tracks : Nature Boy, I Remember You, Nightmare Of The Mechanized World, Sealed With A Kiss, Tres Palabras (Without You), Celedon, Just In Time, So Beats My Heart For You, Infrapolations, It's 4 A.M., No Idea, All Through The Night

Musicians : Brad Goode, Jeff Jenkins, Johannes Weidenmueller, Todd Reid

album cover

Doctor Midnight, Sabertooth, 2007, Delmark 579

Tracks : Blues For C Piff, It's Surely Gonna Flop If It Ain't Got That Bop, Mary Anne, Tetemetearri, Dr. Midnight, Odd Couple, China Cat Sunflower

Musicians : Pat Mallinger, Cameron Pfiffner, Pete Benson, Ted Sirota

album cover

Just Like This, Keefe Jackson's Project Project, 2007, Delmark 580

Tracks : Dragon Fly, The Grass Is Greener, Titled, Just Like This, Which Well, Wind-up Toy

Musicians : Keefe Jackson, Josh Berman, Jaimie Branch, Jeb Bishop, Nick Broste, Marc Unternährer, Dave Rempis, Guillermo Gregorio, Jason Stein, James Falzone, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly

album cover

The Art Of Dying, Jason Ajemian, 2008, Delmark 581

Tracks : With Or Without The Universalator (Birdie's Dream), The, Your Shirt, Art, Miss O, 9 Car, Of, U're The Guy (Keith Wood), Dying, Sackett's Harbor, Ludicrous Dreams And Solar Guided Lovehandles, Machine Gun Operator, Manisia Lynn,, Smokeless Heat Live on WMSE, Milwaukee

Musicians : Jason Ajemian, Jaimie Branch, Tim Haldeman, Matt Schneider, Jason Adasiewicz, Noritaka Tanaka

album cover

Drop It, Corey Wilkes, 2008, Delmark 582

Tracks : Trumpet Player, Sonata In The Key Of Jack Daniels, Drop It, Remy's Revenge, Prelude Touch, Touch, Return 2 Sender, Searchin', Ubiquitous Budafly, Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter, Drop It

Musicians : Corey Wilkes, Chelsea Baratz (tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 10), Kevin Nabors (tracks 3, 5 & 6), Jabari Liu (tracks 3, 7, 9, 10 & 11), Robert "Baabe" Irving III, Justin Dillard (track 10), Scott Hesse (track 3), Junius Paul, Jeremy "Bean" Clemons, Dee Alexander (tracks 9 & 10)

album cover

Tickle Toe, Cy Touff & Sandy Mosse, 2008, Delmark 583

Tracks : Tickle Toe, Centerpiece, The Man I Love, Allen's Alley, Alone Together, Secret Love, What's New?

Musicians : Cy Touff, Sandy Mosse, John Campbell, Kelly Sill, Jerry Coleman

Recorded in Chicago in October 1981.

album cover

West of State Street / East of Harlem, John Burnett Swing Orchestra, 2008, Delmark 584

Tracks : Flight of the Foo Birds, Groovin' Hard, How Sweet It Is, Randy Sandke Intro, Night In Tunisia, Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere, Struttin' With Some Barbecue, Ten Cents A Dance, One O'Clock Jump, Hello Dolly, Little Jazz Boogie, Witchcraft, How Long Has This Been Going On?, Sweet Georgia Brown, Begin The Beguine, April In Paris, Love For Sale

Musicians : John Burnett, Terry Connell, Greg Duncan, Mike McGrath, Tony Pons, Randy Sandke, Adam Gross, Dana Legg, Bryant Scott, Bill Walsh, Anthony Bruno, Bob Frankich, Bruce Mack, Nick Mazarella, Doug Stone, Mark Burnell, John Moran, Paul Martin, Bill Byan, Frieda Lee

album cover

Go Red Go!, Red Holloway, 2009, Delmark 585

See more details

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Sound Is, Rob Mazurek Quintet, 2008, Delmark 586

Tracks : As Is An Angel Fell From The Sky, The Earthquake Tree, Dragon Kites, The Star Splitter, The Hill, Le Baiser - The Kiss, The Lightning Field, Cinnamon Tree, The Dream Rocker, Beauty Wolf, Microraptagonafly, Aphrodite Rising, The Field, Nora Grace

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Jason Adasiewicz, Matthew Lux, Josh Abrams, John Herndon

album cover

Renegades, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Strings, 2009, Delmark 587

Tracks : Crossroads, No Matter What, Ice, Windance, Renegades, By My Own Grace, What If, Symbology #2A, Wade, Waterdance, Symbology #1, Mama Found Out, If I Could Have You The Way I Want You, Symbology #2, Waris Dirie, Aaya's Rainbow

Musicians : Nicole Mitchell Renée Baker, Tomeka Reid, Josh Abrams, Shirazette Tinnin

album cover

Old Idea, Josh Berman, 2009, Delmark 588

Tracks : On Account of a Hat, Next Year, Pt. A, Let's Pretend, Nori, Next Year, Pt. B, Almost Late, What Can?, DB, Next Year, Pt. C

Musicians : Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson, Jason Adasiewicz, Anton Hatwich, Nori Tanaka

album cover

21st Century Chase, Fred Anderson, 2009, Delmark 589

Tracks : 21st Century Chase, 21st Century Chase, Ode To Alvin Fielder

Musicians : Fred Anderson, Kidd Jordan, Harrison Bankhead, Chad Taylor

Subtitled "80th Birthday Bash, Live At The Velvet Lounge". Recorded live on March 22, 2009.

album cover

Two Cities, Aram Shelton's Fast Citizens, 2009, Delmark 590

Tracks : Two Cities, Big News, Western Promenade, VRC#9, In Cycles, I Am Here, You Are There, The Twenty-Seven, Wontkins, Easy

Musicians : Aram Shelton, Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly

album cover

Revisit, Mikrokolektyw, 2010, Delmark 591

Tracks : Revisit, Rocket Street, Running Without Effort, Tiring Holiday, Almost A Good Mood, Attention!, Lipuko, Casio, Tar Man, Watermelon From The 80s, Gift

Musicians : Artur Majewski, Kuba Suchar

album cover

Get Happy, Rich Corpolongo Trio, 2010, Delmark 592

Tracks : Chi Chi, Mangoes, Body And Soul, Without A Song, The Boy Next Door, Get Happy, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, Lullaby Of The Leaves, Dewey Square

Musicians : Rich Corpolongo, Dan Shapera, Rusty Jones

album cover

Sun Rooms, Jason Adasiewicz Trio, 2010, Delmark 593

Tracks : Get In There, Life, Stake, Rose Garden, You Can't, Off My Back Jack, Overtones Of China, Warm Valley

Musicians : Jason Adasiewicz, Nate McBride, Mike Reed

album cover

Tight Like This, Brad Goode, 2010, Delmark 594

Tracks : Tight Like This, Changes, Nightingale, Reaching for the Moon, Reverse the Charges, Summary, Midwestern Autumn, Climbing Out, The River, Bob's Bounce, Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise

Musicians : Brad Goode, Adrean Farrugia, Kelly Sill, Anthony Lee

album cover

Stars Have Shapes, Exploding Star Orchestra, 2010, Delmark 595

Tracks : Ascension Ghost Impression #2, ChromoRocker, Three Blocks Of Light, Impression #1

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Jeb Bishop, Greg Ward, Matt Bauder, Nicole Mitchell, Jason Stein, Jeff Kowalkowski, Josh Abrams, Matthew Lux, Jason Adasiewicz, John Herndon, Mike Reed, Carrie Biolo, Damon Locks

album cover

Down for Double, John Burnett Orchestra with special guest Buddy DeFranco, 2010, Delmark 596

Tracks : In The Mood, In a Mellow Tone, Basically Blues, The Heat's On, Down For Double, One O' Clock Jump, Wind Machine, West Side Story, Sunny Side of the Street, Cottontail, Sing Sing Sing, Out Of Nowhere, The Blues

Musicians : John Burnett, Buddy DeFranco, Terry Connell, Mike McGrath, Doug Scharf, Scott Wagstaff, Adam Gross, Russ Phillips, Dana Legg, David Gross, Bill Walsh, Bob Frankich, Justin May, Mark Colby, David Kublank, Lennie Roberts, Bruce Mack, Frank Caruso, Mark Burnell, Mike Flack, Paul Martin, Bill Ryan

album cover

Dew Point, Mikrokolektyw, 2012, Delmark 597

Tracks : Revisit Part 1, Revisit Part 2, Rocket Street, Running Without Effort, Tiring Holiday, Almost a Good Mood, Dew Point, Attention!, Lipuko, Casio, Engineer, Praying Mantis

Musicians : Artur Majewski, Kuba Suchar

A DVD release of a concert in Poland.

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The Prairie Prophet, Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble, 2011, Delmark 598

Tracks : Hymn For A Hip King, Sketches, Balladesque, Mal-Lester, Shades Of The Prairie Prophet, Mesopotamia, Baghdad Boogie

Musicians : Ernest Dawkins, Marquis Hill, Shaun Johnson, Steve Berry, Jeff Parker, Junius Paul, Isaiah Spencer

album cover

Awakening, Nicole Mitchell, 2011, Delmark 599

Tracks : Curly Top, Journey On A Thread, Center Of The Earth, Snowflakes, Momentum, More Than I Can Say, There, F.O.C., Awakening

Musicians : Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Harrison Bankhead, Avreeayl Ra

album cover

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